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Polyether membrane filter cartridge

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Miliboer brand PESU, also known as: PES/PS folded filter, the filter medium is MILI bor Filtration Technology Co Ltd a leading high-tech technology with independent intellectual property rights, the use of imported equipment, production of advanced technology commonly used filter membrane filter, precision filter, microporous activated carbon filter, PGR, PGK series of microporous filter solution, microporous layer the filtration system equipment and filter supplies: polyethersulfone microporous membrane -PES PES folding filter.
Product introduction
Polyethersulfone membrane filtration technology MILI Miliboer PES power filter hole accounted for more than 85% of the volume of membrane porosity, pore geometry is unique, improves the filtration efficiency and the circulation of filtration difficult solution. The combination of two kinds of materials, which is composed of polyether ether ketone and polypropylene, is used in the chemical industry and pharmaceutical industry. The main characteristics of the Miliboer PES PES folding filter: unique hydrophilic properties, containing no surfactant and surface lubricant, filtration precision and the circulation of high level for the filter solution, the applicable PH:1-14 range, the adsorption of protein and valuable biological agents is low, high retention rate, chemical resistance and thermal stability have excellent strength, good resistance to impact forward and reverse pressure.
The filter layer Miliboer PES folded filter for hydrophilic polyether sulfone (PES), the other parts are made of PP material, so it has a wide range of chemical compatibility and PH. Polyethersulfone membrane protein liquid chromatography to filter is suitable for various beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical applications. The filter element is made of hot melt in a clean room, so it does not contain any glue and additives. Filter each one in the factory before the integrity of the test.

Miliboer™PESProduct integrity test using diffusion flow method:

Aperture level(um) Test standard
0.1 ≤45cc/min,stay3.4barUnder conditions 
0.2  ≤19cc/min,stay2.lbarUnder conditions
0.45  ≤16cc/minstay1.4barUnder conditions
0.65  ≤12cc/minstay0.9barUnder conditions
Note: the use of clean water to wet the 10 inch filter, the use of air testing. Filter media: hydrophilic polyether microporous membrane
Structural material
Filter layer material: hydrophilic poly (PES)
Support layer material: polypropylene (PP)
Up and down support material: Polypropylene
Support frame and structural components: Polypropylene
Core and mesh enclosure material: polypropylene (PP)
Upper end head, lower end head material polypropylene (PP) sealing material:
Silicon rubber, nitrile rubber, EPDM rubber, fluorine rubber three
Airtight way: hot melt welding
Range of use
* Pharmaceutical Industry: injection, injection water, eye drops, non - high temperature sterilization products, biological products, vaccines,
* serum terminal sterilization filtration
* food industry: alcohol, mineral water, drinking water, drink, etc.
* electrical industry: high purity water, ultra pure water equipment, chemical raw materials, such as terminal filter
The Miliboer PES PESU typical water treatment process and application are as follows:
Production process of pure water filtration;
Ink, pigment filter;
Filtration of acid base and oxidant;
Filter of pharmaceutical raw materials;
Plasma, tissue culture media filtration.
technical parameter
Filter precision (UM) 0.1 0.2 0.45 0.65 1
flowL/min 11 21 27 33 40
Filter length 5"、10"、20"、30"、40"
Filter diameter (mm) 69.0
Maximum operating temperature 85℃,0.05 MPa
Maximum tolerated temperature 140℃,0.28 MPa
Maximum positive pressure difference 0.42 MPa(25℃)
Maximum back pressure difference 0.21 MPa(25℃)
Effective filtration area ≥0.6m/10"
Sterilization condition 121℃ 30 min
Pure water flux reference value: 10 "filter initial value L/min (P=0.01 MPa, 1 centipoise viscosity, 25 C)

Size of filter element:

filter cartridge Outside diameter of filter element Inner diameter of filter element Effective filtration area(10inch)
PES 2 75inches(70mm) 1.25inches(31mm) 8.1ft2(0.75m2)




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