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DX folding type deep filtering filter element

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Product description
Wenzhou MILI bor Filtration Technology Co Ltd has more than 30 years of history, strong technical force, perfect research and development system, the existing more than 20 sets of mechanical processing equipment and domestic advanced sophisticated testing instruments. Production processes and functional departments with complete cooling, assembly, testing, equipment installation, etc.. With a very flexible professional engaged in food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries solid, liquid, gas precision filtration technology and machinery and equipment in the field of R & D, design, production and marketing for the integration of scientific and technological innovation oriented enterprises.
MILI Miliboer bor polypropylene filter manufacturing polypropylene microporous membrane filter - deep superfine polypropylene fiber filter (PP folded filter) and high purity polypropylene filter filter is a kind of superfine polypropylene fiber as filter medium fixed aperture deep filter, filter materials comply with the requirements of FDA.
The Miliboer DX folded filter accuracy range from 0.1um to 60 deep filter um, low voltage difference, its unique high throughput, characteristics of long service life, is the preferred product for pre filtering. High purity polypropylene structure with stable performance and wide range of chemical compatibility.
Product advantage:
MILI water treatment and Miliboer treatment process of Bor patent development meltblown fiber technology characteristics to adapt to the market and has a deep superior polypropylene filter dirt retention capacity of pure demand. Miliboer DX deep filter set a long service life, low in high frequency, high purity and high filtering precision and other advantages, to create high-quality brand DX Miliboer deep filter.
product mix
High purity polypropylene in high purity applications, it can be quickly washed to achieve clean requirements;
Wide range of chemical compatibility;
Meet the requirements of FDA food and beverage industry;
In the production of automatic packaging, keep the product clean.
Application industry
High pure chemical industry, reverse osmosis pretreatment, electronic industry, boiler water, oil and gas
High dirt holding capacity
Miliboer DX true throughout the filter depth of particle density grading captures the effect of the filter effect of the most complete play;
Higher dirt retention means long service life and low replacement frequency and cost savings;
In the filter element of the surface density is low, and from the surface to the center of the core position, the density gradually increased;
There will be no reduction in the filter core flow rate and increase the frequency of replacement of the surface blind spot.
Technology advantage
Miliboer DX is fully verified the innovation capacity;
Automation, continuous manufacturing process to ensure that each filter has a good and consistent performance indicators;
High temperature and vacuum manufacturing process can reduce the chip manufacturing potential.
A wide range of length and connection parts:
The length of the standard can be adapted to the needs of the vast majority of filter tube installation, and can be determined in accordance with user requirements of the length of the filter;
Multiple types of polypropylene connection fittings include gasket, end head.
Flow performance Miliboer DX filter for clean water:
product mix
Filter media: high purity polypropylene fiber membrane
Up and down support material: Polypropylene
Support frame and structural components: Polypropylene
Filter accuracy: 0.1, 0.2, 0.45, 0.65, 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30, 60, (UM)
Application range
Pharmaceutical industry: liquid medicine, cell debris, biological products, such as filtration
Chemical industry: organic solvents, chemical reagents, ink, electroplating solution, etc.
The food industry: drinking water, mineral water, beverage, beer, wine, Wine filter
Electronic industry: pre filtration and de ionized water system pre filtration for reverse osmosis water system
Gas filtration: compressed air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc.
Other industries: photosensitive resist, magnetic media, etc.
The reference water flow table: 10 "filter initial value L/min (P=0.01MPa, 1 centipoise viscosity, 25 C)
Flow performance of DX filter element for clean water
technical parameter
Product name Aperture level Filter length Lower end head Top head Sealing ring material
GXInner diameter of filter element:1inch(2.5cm)Outside diameter of filter element:2.5inch(6.4cm) 01=1μm
Inches  (cm)
4⅞ (12.4)
Y=1 inch Open washer
L=Extended kernel
E=220  ORing
F=260  ORing
X=Standard Miliboer flat head (no washer)
Y=1 inch Open washer
K=Self sealing spring
S=Solid end











Note: if you need to order the Miliboer DX standard end filter (do not need any end fittings) you can top three selection of bold design from the table, number of products such as: GX05-29-1/4, if you need to order with one or more end connecting parts need to check the table six in bold design such as: GX05-29-1/4YY or GX05-29-1/4XK. MILI Miliboer bor water treatment and process of self sealing type spring pad.
Schedule: conventional filter performance
accuracy um 0.1 0.2 0.45 0.65 10 12 20 30 35 60
flowL/min 5 15 40 55 60 65 67 70 75 80
Filter length: 4 ", 5", 10 ", 20", 30 ", 40" "
Sealing material: silicone rubber, nitrile rubber, EPDM rubber, fluorine rubber three
Airtight way: hot melt welding
Effective filtration area: 0.4 ~ 0.7 m/10"
Filter diameter: 69 mm
Maximum operating temperature: 80 degrees C, 0.28MPa
Maximum positive pressure: 0.42MPa (25 degrees C)
Maximum differential pressure: 0.28MPa (25 C)
Sterilization conditions: 121 min 30




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