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The vaccine with gas PTFE membrane sterilizing grade filter

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Filter using natural strong hydrophobic PTFE film production, designed specifically for the GMP requirements of the gas sterile filter design, to ensure the safety of the process. Because the gas hydrophobic PTFE membrane filter has the best sterilizing grade of hydrophobic membrane materials, their tolerance repeatedly autoclaving and steam sterilization, sterile filtration process to ensure the dry gas, is an ideal choice for terminal filtration using respirator and sterile gas in the production of the vaccine.
High velocity, low dropout
PTFE - double membrane structure, to ensure process safety
The factory by 100% integrity testing
Quality assurance
The filter element is manufactured in the first class production workshop of the ISO9001 standard quality system, which meets the standard quality system.


technical parameter

The vaccine with gas PTFE membrane sterilizing grade filter

Texture of material


Double layer PTFE membrane (PTFE)



Center rod & shell


End cap

Polypropylene (222/226 lined stainless steel)

O type washer / washer

Three silicone rubber / EPDM / FKM / PTFE outsourcing

Sealing technology

Thermal fusion welding (without binder)



Phi 68


2.5”,5”, 10”, 20”, 30”, 40”

The filter area /10 square meters

≥ 0.65

Interception efficiency, M  

0.01 (gas)

Positive pressure difference

4.2 bar@23 ,1.5 bar@85 

Integrity detection @23

Bubble point

≥ 1100 mbar60% IPA

Water immersion method

≤ 0.75mL/min/10”@2620mbar

Cycle times

Can continuously withstand 200 times of online steam sterilization or 123 degrees /30 minutes of high pressure steam sterilization




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